A native of Bogota Colombia, Guillermo has lived in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts for thirty years. He is president of the Center for Creative Consciousness in Sunderland, Massachusetts.

As an artist, I combine my past experiences as a psychotherapist, organizational consultant, and biologist to capture the fullness of the subjects I paint.

One of his clients said,

I was inspired by many of Guillermo's portraits and his ability to capture the presence of his subjects, especially looking at his portraits of young poeple I chose to commission a portrait of my children, as a celebration of my love for them and their love for each other.

In painting family portraits, Dr. Cuéllar seeks to capture the special connection family members have with each other. He tells us,

My intention is to reflect back the relationship in a way that honors their unique expressions of love for each other. In a way I never expected, this process seems to have a profound healing component, where the portrait becomes a medium for deeper understanding and acceptance.

Like visual biographies it is Dr. Cuéllar's gift to honor the soul of the individuals with whom he works, a gift that truly comes to light in his portraiture.




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